Maverick Engineering is well known and respected in the international liquid packaging industry. Our reputation is based on consistent quality, friendly service, and strong technical know-how.

GQ_logoGao Qin Packaging Machinery Co. Ltd (GQ), represented by Sunshine Advanced Technology Corporation, is currently one of China’s leading pouch machine manufacturers, with decades of experience in the international machine manufacturing business. “Customer first, good quality and excellent service” is GQ’s motto when it comes to conducting business. An attribute that undeniably proved both desirable and beneficial when in 2010 Maverick Engineering together with GQ combined skills, technology, knowledge and experience to form Maverick/GQ. Maverick Engineering’s range of single lane machines are now produced at the GQ factory in Shanghai, China.

Not only is Maverick/GQ able to produce a more cost effective machine in a much shorter time span than was previously possible, but we are also able to build these machines to the highest standards of quality and safety. The single lane range manufactured in Shanghai consists of the “ Dream Machine“, the “SUPer Machine.”

Maverick/GQ is renowned for our relationship building and after sales support. We believe in providing a product and service of the utmost calibre and always put our customers first.